How You Carry Yourself Matters

How You Carry Yourself Matters

Redefining designer fabric for your everyday life.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

how you carry yourself matters

how you carry yourself matters

Hello and welcome to Remnants Bag Company- It’s so exciting to have you here!

I began this design and bespoke manufacturing company after my third child was born and maternity leave afforded me some “ time”. Time to breast feed, change diapers, not sleep and time to pay attention to my immediate surroundings outside of the pediatric hospital where I am dutifully employed. One of my favorite “surroundings” was my interior decorator mother’s office and studio. I would frequently take my newborn son to the studio to sit and visit and be inspired by the color and textiles. I would try to be helpful during these visits and organize her piles of fabric samples and remnants, while self -educating myself about toiles, chevrons, herringbone and velvets. I would also (shockingly) learn that most fabric memos and remnants get thrown away - their odd sizes and misaligned patterns seem to prevent them from finding uses outside of their original purpose.

Out of a desire to save these beautiful fabrics and find them a new purpose, I began to collect the discontinued fabric samples and left -over remnants from my mother closets. I tried my hand (and my beginner Singer sewing machine) at many ideas - pillows, patches, upholstery projects and finally…..a clutch.

My first Remnant design was a simple fold-over clutch in a beautiful aqua. I took it out for a spin on a date night with my husband, Steve, and so many people asked me where I had purchased it that I was emboldened to design and sew more….and more…and more…..

In a world where textile waste is an ever growing issue in our landfills, I feel that even a small attempt to re purpose textile waste can make a difference. It is my belief that how you carry yourself (and your stuff) MATTERS - you know …like stand tall, shoulders back , head held high …but also carrying yourself with dignity, compassion and the desire to do good.

My bags are designed to represent your individuality , composure, confidence and desire to care about our world - all with style and amazing color.

I hope you join in the fun and come back to visit my journal as I continue to share my inspirations, frustrations and finished designs with you.